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Call for Executive Board Members

ICFR is seeking individuals with diverse expertise and backgrounds to serve on our executive board.

The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk is an organisation dedicated to supporting filmmakers facing persecution and severe risk worldwide, particularly in regions where freedom of expression is under threat. With an executive board made up of individuals with diverse expertise, backgrounds, and a shared dedication to human rights on an international scale, we can work together to create meaningful change and support those who courageously use their voices to tell important stories. 

To effectively fulfil our mission, we are seeking individuals with diverse expertise and backgrounds to serve on our executive board. (For our complete Code of Ethics, please check the link on the right, or at the bottom when seen on your phone.)

Ideal candidates would have a combination of the following expertise:

1. Filmmaking Experience: Direct experience with filmmaking and the international film industry, as well as an understanding of the challenges that filmmakers face globally, would provide practical insights and advice to ICFR in order to support those at risk effectively and appropriately.

2. Advocacy Expertise: A proven track record in advocacy work related to human rights, freedom of expression, or media rights on a global scale. They should be able to leverage their experience to support ICFR in its efforts to raise awareness about the risks faced by filmmakers internationally and advocate for policy changes that protect their rights.

3. International Networks: Building partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organisations and individuals globally is crucial for amplifying ICFR’s impact. A board member with extensive international networks in the fields of human rights, media, and filmmaking can open doors for strategic alliances and collective action.

4. Legal Background: Given the complex legal landscape surrounding freedom of expression and media rights worldwide, a board member with a legal background or experience would be invaluable. They should have expertise in international human rights law, media law, or be able to provide guidance on legal strategies to support filmmakers facing persecution.

5. Fundraising and Resource Mobilization: To sustain our organisation's efforts, we need board members with expertise in fundraising and resource mobilisation on an international scale. They should have a proven ability to cultivate donor relationships, secure funding for our programs, and effectively manage financial resources to maximise impact.

6. Intersectional and Cultural Perspectives: Issues of persecution faced by filmmakers often intersect with other forms of oppression on a global level. An ideal board member should have an intersectional perspective, recognizing the interconnected nature of human rights struggles and advocating for inclusive approaches to support marginalised communities worldwide. Understanding the diverse cultural contexts in which filmmakers operate globally is essential for effectively supporting them. An ideal board member should have a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, be sensitive to the nuances of different communities, and be able to navigate cultural challenges with empathy and respect.

ICFR is committed to equality, inclusion and diversity — both within the organisation and within the Supervisory Board, and aims to ensure it is a true reflection of our community. We henceforth strive to create and maintain a diverse staff composition and an inclusive work culture. We believe different perspectives will enrich our work. Regardless of ethnicity, economic or cultural background, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status and whether or not you have a disability, we welcome applications from all who are interested in gaining experience in our organisation. In addition, we strongly encourage applicants from South America, Africa and Asia to apply.

The Supervisory Board is unpaid and currently consists of four members with different competencies; members are appointed for a period of four years and can be reappointed.

For background information, you can find the most recent financial report and annual report here.

TO APPLY, or for questions regarding this vacancy, please contact us directly via email.

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